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Peter Schloss

Maryborough State High School
Teacher & Digital Pedagogy Coach

As someone who started teaching last century (1980s) I have seen a range of changes sweep through (Queensland) Education over the last 30 years. In that time there have been significant changes in the world of technology and how we use this in our classroom to support and sometimes direct our pedagogy. I can reflect on a time when one desk top device, connected to a dot printer, was shared between eight staff members, all males, with no PD provided on how to operate ‘the anchor’, through to a time now where we as teachers can be carrying around with us, three mobile devices all synced and ready for action in any given classroom. I view this now is an exciting time in education in our school Maryborough State High School where we forge newer an ever expanding pathways and connections with a broader educational and vocational community. A place in which we must experience and experiment to find our place in it, to best help those we are there for…our students.